Photo Album

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Professor Iazuddin Ahmed
President & Chief Scout
People's Rpublic of Bangladesh
Mrs. & Mr. Figg, Manager of Brownsea Scout Centre, with me.
Click on Dini Zulu's picture for visit the site about Dini Zulu & BP's Scouting in South Africa during 1884 to 1890.

Dini Zulu, the Zulu King as prince during 1883-84.

Baden Powell, the Chief Scout of the World,
at the age of 80

Baden-Powell and Olave with their new car, a gift from the Scouts of England on their wedding in 1912.

I'm with BP's statue at the begining of
Brownsea track in August 2001.

The Scout Stone & me at Scout Centre,
August, 2001

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