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Adult Leaders:

There are two types of adult leaders in Scouting.

Those who are get training & involved directly with Scout Group after duely appointed by Regional Headquarters as Cub/Scout/Rover Leader And other warrented Scouter such as all shorts of Commissioners, Deputy/Assistant Commissioners are warrented leaders.

In addition, there are some members those who are work without warrent such as all levels President/s, Vice President/s, Treasurer/s EC members are Non-warrented members.


Four Stage Training scheme for Unit Leader:
1. Unit Leader Basic Course - 8 days residential course organised by regions.
2. Atleast six months of inservice training in any unit.
3. Unit Leader Advance Course - 8 days residencial course organised by National Headquarters.
4. At least twelve months inservice training in any unit.
Time for apply to earn WOOD BADGE (sectionwise) issued by National Headquarters.

Other Courses for Adult Leaders:

Commissioners Course:
There are Comissioners Course for Upzilla Commissioner, Upzilla Assistant Commissioners, District Commissionere, District Assistant Commissioners. These courses are organised by Regional Headquarters as per NHQ's procedures.

Secretareal Courses :
There are Secretareal Courses for Upzilla & District Secretaies. These courses are also organised by RHQ.

District/Upzila Leader Courses:
There are District Cub/Scout/Rover Leader Courses, Upzilla Cub/Scout Leader Courses. These courses are organised by RHQ.

National & Regional Training Team:
Assistant Leader Trainer:

Unit Leader who are interested to be a Trainer has to attend Course for Assistant Leader Trainer(CALT) formarly known as National Trainers Course(NTC) organised by National Headquarters atleast two years after earned Wood Badge.
Then as per NHQ's requirements s/he can apply for ALT. NHQ issued Charter for ALT for three years, whis is renewable.
These ALT's are the members of Regional Training Team.

Leader Trainer:

Atleast after two yars service as ALT one can be nomineted for Course for Leader Trainer (CLT)organised by NHQ with direction of APR Scout HQ, formerly known as International Training the Team Course (ITTC).
Then NHQ issue the charter for Leader Trainer(LT) for three years after fullfil its requirement.
These LT's are the members of National Training Team.

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