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Baden Powell as 2nd Lieutenant
at his 21 years age.
Baden Pawell as Adjutant
of 13th Hussars,1895

Chief Scout with Lady Olave
in Australi, 1931
  Arial view of Birkenhead Jamboree,England, 1929
Baden Powell with historic Kudu Horn, 1922  
Baden Powell with Scout Master at Gilwell, 1922

Lt. General Baden Powell,1929
Baden Powell at St. James Place,
on the occassion of
Coronetion of King George-VI, 1937

Olympia Jamboree Poster, 1924
Scout farewell for Baden Powell in Neitherland,1937
Baden Powell,at Matopo-hills, Matabellyland, 1896  
Baden Powell in Theatricals
without Moustach, 1925

Baden Powell,wearing Indian
War Bonnet, Canada
Baden Powell,Inspector General Of Cavalry,1933
Baden Powell's Funeral, Keneya,1941  
The Final resting place for the Chief