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Click on page forNext Page In 1978 Scouter Nurulislam Shams appointed as National Commissioner of Bangladesh Scouts. Then this was change as "Chief National Commissioner". Mr.Nurulislam Shams became its first Chief National Commissioner.

Scouter Mr. Monzoor ul Karim became the next Chief National Commissioner after sudden death of Nurulislam Shams in 1980.

In the 2000 General Meeting of Bangladesh Scouts National Council, Monzoo ul Karim elected as its President & Scouter Mr. M. Fazlur Rahman appointed as Chief National Commissioner.
Chief National Commissione is the chief executive of Bangladesh Scouts.

Girls were allowed to become scout since 1994.

According to 1998 census there are 1,300,000 members in Bangladesh Scouts.


National Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh National Flag :
Bottle Green base, mean ever green Bangladesh.
Bright Reg circle, mean riding sun & memory of bloodsheed indipendent war in 1971.
Size : 10 : 6.
Circle redius is 2 units of its lenth.
Circle's position half unit left from the middle.

Listen Bangladesh Anthems

Bangladesh Scouts Flag Bangladesh Scouts Flag :
Bottle Green base like as Bangladesh National Flag. Just its middle the Scout Logo.
Size : Fixed as 5' x 3'.

Click on picture to visit about "BP & Brownsea Island"
Left Picture:
Baden Powell's statue at entrance of the trail of the Brownsea Island.

Poster of promoting Scouting of Bangladesh Scouts on the occasion of 20nd APR Scout Conferance,2001, New Delhi, India.